Mission Statement
The American Public Works Association serves its members by promoting professional excellence and public awareness through education, advocacy and the exchange of knowledge.

Long-Range Goals & Strategies to Achieve by 2006

Goal 1
APWA will be the members' primary gateway resource for education, knowledge exchange, and services.

Increase ongoing membership needs assessment and feedback; balance programs among diverse groups of members
Develop and continually update a benefits-focused internal marketing plan that promotes individual members' use of APWA's resources for education, knowledge, and services.
Expand and continually upgrade APWA's chapter and national websites as gateways to resources and knowledge exchange and as sources of revenue.
Provide multiple forums and activities for member interaction. Continually identify, develop, and strengthen educational offerings based on needs assessment.
Analyze funding opportunities and pricing of educational programs and services to maximize revenue as well as value to the membership.
Create a Professional Development Program and an overall plan for Accreditation and Certification.
Expand chapter support services and enhance the value of chapters to members.
Develop an internal APWA talent pool to more effectively deliver specific educational programs.

Results Indicators
Member utilization of chapter and national activities.
Member satisfaction with chapter and national activities.

Goal 2
APWA will be the public policy advocate for the public infrastructure.

Develop three-year rolling advocacy plan that focuses APWA's efforts on desired Federal policy outcomes and increases Board of Directors, Government Affairs Committee (GAC) and subject matter experts' involvement.
Develop an internal communications plan that builds members' recognition of the importance of policy advocacy.
Maintain APWA's role at the Federal level and examine the association's roles at the state and provincial levels; determine the most effective means of supporting member advocacy activities at the local level.
Increase participation in Federal legislative and regulatory development through written and oral testimony at legislative hearings, developing legislative language, commenting on proposed regulations, and serving on advisory committees.
Pursue issue-based partnerships and alliances; adopt leadership roles when desirables and feasible.
Create a process for measuring progress toward achievement of desired Federal policy outcomes and for evaluation of APWA's involvement.
Proactively build APWA's reputation by acting as a source and spokesperson with the trade and mass media on public works issues.
Build and maintain strong relationships with key Federal legislative and Agency staff through staff proactivity and maximizing member relationships.

Results Indicators
Types and volume of APWA advocacy activities.
Achievement of specific legislative and regulatory outcomes.

Goal 3
APWA will be recognized as the brand name for credible information on public works and the preferred choice for professional membership.

Identify target audiences, analyze dues structure, and develop strategies to retain and increase APWA membership.
Identify and pursue appropriate sponsorship, grant, contract, and revenue opportunities for all association activities.
Increase marketing activities at the national, chapter and branch levels, including ongoing market research, the APWA corporate identity program, and the proactive media relations.
Provide tools to assist members in promoting public works at the local level
Create a structured plan for association-wide chapter and branch development.
Develop an APWA multi-media business plan.
Develop local, national and international project partnerships and strategic alliances with particular outreach to organizations that serve ethnic groups, women, and the under-40 audience.
Provide public works resource materials to k-12 schools, colleges, and universities to explain public works and their benefits, highlight community infrastructure issues, and attract students to public works careers.

Results Indicators
Membership retention and growth - overall and in targeted segments.
Targeted media exposure
Brand equity measures.


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