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Chapter Overview


Chapters are the essential element in APWA’s Service delivery system for its members.  They offer one of the most immediate, easy and cost-effective opportunities to exchange information with colleagues and to keep up-to-date on the latest public works technologies and management trends.  Organized within nine regions, APWA’s 67 chapters are located throughout North America and serve virtually every metropolitan area, state, province and region on the continent.


Chapters engage in the same educational, networking and public service activities as the national organization, but they do so close to home where members can easily take advantage of them.  Chapters offer members the opportunity to attend educational programs, satellite video conferences, symposiums, equipment shows, and the chance to network with their colleagues and peers in a professional setting.


Some chapters cover large jurisdictions.  Many chapters have formed branches to provide additional educational and networking opportunities for members.  Branches operate much the same as chapters, but deliver member services to even more specific geographic areas.  Branches meet as often as every other month using a luncheon or dinner meeting format with a speaker or presenter.


The Illinois Chapter’s over  410 members come from the geographic area of the entire State of Illinois- excluding the Chicago Metropolitan area.  The chapter as a whole meets on an annual basis and the Executive Committee meets every other month.  The chapter currently supports five branches – Northwest, Prairie, Central, Gateway and Shawnee.  The branches each meet six times during the year in various locations in their respective areas.


The chapter takes part in many activities such as:


Education Programs – Scholarships – National Public Works Week – Training


Over the next year, the chapter will be focusing on increasing membership and involving more of its members in various activities.  Training opportunities will continue to be offered through partnership with other APWA Chapters and other organizations.  A significant initiative is the Illinois Public Service Institute (IPSI) Conference that will hold its seventeenth session from October 7 - 12, 2018.  IPSI training has proven so successful and popular that a second annual session was added in April 2017 to accommodate additional public works professionals that desire to take the training. For more information on IPSI, contact Mary Bender at (231) 797-5536 or email at mbender102@aol.com.

APWA 2018                                                 IL Chapter Information

Strategic Plan

The Executive Board of the Illinois Chapter met on November 18, 2016 to review the recommended goals.  The attached goals were discussed and approved at that meeting.

Goal 1

APWA will be acknowledged as the public policy advocate for the public infrastructure.

Action Plan

  • The Illinois Chapter will expand the Government Affairs Committee and enhance its activities for the purpose of tracking and advocating public works infrastructure and first responder issues to the membership.

  • The Illinois Chapter will investigate the possibility of partnering with the Chicago Metro Chapter to sponsor a legislative forum to present the APWA perspective on proposed legislation affecting public works within their chapter.  The forum will also serve to strengthen the relationship between legislators and members of the association.

  • The Illinois Chapter encourages Public Works Directors to utilize existing videos; A Day without Public Works, and Everyday Heroes during National Public Works Week to advance the general knowledge of public works. The Chapter will post these videos on its website to make them accessible to member agencies.

  • The Illinois Chapter will seek to formalize partner agreements with the Chicago Metropolitan Chapter and other like minded organizations to share in the educational opportunities provided by each, to jointly promote causes that are mutually beneficial, and use other opportunities to expand the reputation and position of public works.

  • As appropriate, the Illinois Chapter will prepare “white papers” to articulate the APWA and chapter position on specific legislation affecting public works.  The chapter will share these papers with the Association Governmental Affairs Committee and other chapters within the region.

  • Illinois Chapter members that also serve on the Illinois Municipal League Public Works Committee will keep the Illinois Chapter informed when topics of mutual interest are being discussed.

  • The Illinois Chapter will examine opportunities through Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network (IPWMAN) to establish and support relationships with other organizations regarding the issue of homeland security and disaster response.

  • Have five (5) Chapter Members register as advocates with the APWA National Advocates Program.

APWA 2018                                                 IL Chapter Information

Goal 2

APWA will be the members’ primary gateway resource for education, advocacy, and knowledge exchange.

Action Plan

  • The Illinois Chapter will strongly encourage its members and agencies to support and participate in the existing management and leadership training programs.

  • The Illinois Chapter will continue to partner with the Chicago Metro Chapter to conduct and expand the Illinois Public Service Institute, Midwest Advanced Public Service Institute, Road Scholar Program and the Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network.

  • The Illinois Chapter will make extensive use of the social media and the Chapter’s website to distribute information to its membership and public works profession. The Illinois Chapter will maintain an up-to-date web site.

  • Encourage the use of APWA.net including INFOLINK and INFONOW. 

  • The Illinois Chapter will maintain an active education committee and promote nationally and locally sponsored APWA programs and sponsor chapter and branch educational programs.

  • The Illinois Chapter will sponsor the annual conference and educational program.

  • The Illinois Chapter will promote and support educational efforts that encourage young people to enter the public works profession.  The chapter will look for opportunities to provide educational programs to a diverse audience of public and professional organizations.

  • The Illinois Chapter will award scholarships for the IPSI training program, first time attendees to PWX, and for college student s pursuing a public works related field.


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